Shopping on a budget


 For anyone shopping on a budget, kilo sales are great! They’re my new obsession! You may need to route around a bit but there’s always some gems in there. I especially love the Blue Rinse kilo sale in Manchester, always so many branded 90s clothes which is fab. Plus it’s so cheap, £15 for a kilo of clothes, which means you can get 5 tops which would normally cost about £15 each, for £15 all together!! It’s perfect for students shopping on budget! 


The Swimwear Edit

For you holiday goers, here’s a bit of bikini inspiration:

IMG_3351 IMG_3340 IMG_3352 IMG_3355

These are some of the bikinis I’m loving this summer! I always think it’s best to buy them as early as possible, even though I’m not going away until mid August, as shops always seem to run out of my size by mid summer! I especially adore the triangl one, I feel so colourful which is a rarity for me with my monochromatic style. Plus the neoprene fabric feels awesome!

Which are your favourites?

OOTD: Sport Luxe Meets Vintage

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I’ve primarily gone for a Sports Luxe look with a bra, mesh skirt and Adidas Superstars, however I mixed it up a bit by adding a vintage denim shirt and round shades to make it more unique. It’s very easy to get carried away with the Sporty trend and just end up looking like you’re going to the gym, which is something I am always conscious of. Therefore I always like to add another element to the outfit to break it up slightly, even jewellery will do the trick. Unless you are going to the gym of course, but that’s never the case for me!

Wrapping Up in Burberry and Fine Dining

Whilst in Scotland we stayed in Inverness for a few nights primarily to see Loch Ness and have a lil’ search for Nessie. The search was unsuccessful of course, but you can’t go and not have a look. You never know what you’re gonna find at the end of the day!


I am a massive foodie, one of my favourite things to spend my money on is going out for meals. Whenever I stay with my dad in Scotland we go out for a meal at least once a day, partly due to the laziness of not wanting to cook and wash up, but mainly as we get a lot of enjoyment from eating good quality food, cooked the way we like it. I was only in Inverness for a couple of nights, but tried a few restaurants and here are some of the best that I think Inverness has to offer:



A perfect example of fine dining, the restaurant holds a lovely atmosphere, the staff are all extremely pleasant and helpful and the food is divine. It is pricey, you’re looking at around £20 for a main course, but for a special occasion it is worth it! You’ll want to book in advance though as their tables are highly sort after.

All the food looked and smelled amazing but my personal recommendations are the king scallops to start, the loin of venison for the main course which just melts in the mouth, and to finish the warm lemon meringue pie. The pie is baked fresh to order so you do have to wait a little longer but trust me, it is worth it!


So Coco

This is a lovely patisserie in the city centre, fabulous for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea. The freshly made cakes and chocolates all looked delicious along with the waffles and churros. I had to use the entirety of my will power not to order any as I felt it wasn’t really acceptable at 10am, especially saying I had a long car journey with no food ahead of me. What I did order however, that being eggs benedict and a hot chocolate, was lovely. I highly recommend the sassy hot chocolate with mint syrup. It was one of, if not the, best hot chocolate I have ever had! Again, it is quite pricey here, but worth it for a sweet treat!

Festival Feels

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, been super busy revising for my final first year exam at uni and then had crazy 5 day straight celebrations, but I’m back now!

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Summer is truly approaching and with the festival season now in full swing, I’m going to give you the low down on how to rock the festival look.  The paisley bandana is a classic festival piece, it’s the only time of the year I wear such item, but it wouldn’t feel right going the whole festival season without it. Even more of a one-off speciality is glitter, which is something you can definitely only really get away with at a festival, so why not make the most of it and let your inner child out?! Having said this, there is still a thin line between looking ‘festivally’ and looking over-the-top, so I went for a subtle sparkle.

Version 2 Sunglasses are a festival essential, I’m especially loving round shades at the moment.

Now, for the main part of the outfit… I decided to wear vintage Levi shorts as denim Levi’s are a timeless classic and are so easy to wear when floating around, skanking all day in the sun. For the top half I chose a halter crop top to really infuse the 90s vibes. It seemed the perfect choice since the festival shares its name with one of the biggest hits of ultimate 90s band ‘Blur’. I wore a camo halter neck with black shorts as I’m really loving the khaki, military trend for the summer so wanted to incorporate into my outfit. I also felt that it tied in perfectly with the bandana to complete the ‘fighting girl’ appearance.

Now, no festival outfit would be complete without a bum bag and a raincoat, especially in the UK.  I opted for a black leather bum bag and a classic black K-Way to tie together the 90s / military vibes. I must say though, I am a big fan of the pastel raincoats this season, I definitely have one on my wish list!

Manchester Fashion Week

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Opening night of Manchester Fashion Week, expectations were high, we were raring to see the great design talent that we know Manchester has to offer! Yeah… the night wasn’t exactly how we anticipated… The room was full of proud parents cheering as their small children walked the catwalk in princess gowns. It reminded me more of a school performance than a high-end catwalk. Still, the kids were super cute and we had a laugh so no regrets!

It was a big decision deciding what to wear for fashion week, in the end I went for a black maxi skirt, black crop top, and then added my adidas superstars for the perfect casual chic look. Since it’s Manchester and therefore cold all the time, I finished my outfit off with an oversized burberry coat.

Maple Syrup and Crispy Bacon: ‘The Perfect Combination’

Waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon on a summer’s morning, the sun streaming in, knowing breakfast is only minutes away, what could be better? Being the sucker for american food that I am, I treated myself this morning by demolishing a plate of homemade american pancakes. The pancakes are very simple to make; use this recipe to get them lovely, light and fluffy every time: I then stacked them high, added crispy bacon and poured on a large drizzle of maple syrup for a sweet and salty textured sensation. The perfect start to my day ahead…

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Summer’s Eve Walks

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetFeeling pretty good at the moment, got a job volunteering at a charity clothes shop in town which I think should be pretty rewarding. Plus I spent my evening volunteering at the local dog rescue centre walking some of the dogs. Strolling through the fields in the sun; it was lovely. My white t-shirt now has a new design though, featuring various dusty paw prints…

70s Vibes

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I’m loving the denim trend at the moment, particularly the A-line buttoned denim skirt and this one from Urban Outfitters ticks all the boxes. It fits well, is a great length and the pockets are a really cute addition. It can easily be dolled up with a pair of chunky heels or can be dressed casual with some flats. I paired mine with a polo shirt, round shades and Adidas Superstars for a real 70s vibe. It takes me back to my childhood when I would wear my denim miniskirt for days on end, who knew I missed it so much!

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Just one more, or maybe two…

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Tattoos are known to be addictive, once you get one you just want more. The same applies with a packet of crisps, it’s almost impossible to leave a pack unfinished! Add piercings to the list too. As I don’t have any tattoos (yet), or piercings elsewhere on my body, for me it’s all about punching holes in my ears. You may think six would be enough but the thrill of another is too tempting. I’ve been playing with the idea of another piercing for ages now, it’s just where to get it…

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Any suggestions?